Thursday, December 9, 2010

Updates from John Hall Galleries...

I want to wish all of you a very happy holiday season from John Hall Galleries. There are some fantastic developments going on in the business and with the various projects that are in the works. The marketing department is doing an incredible job - yesterday alone, 3 paintings were sold from our inventory. 3 new paintings will be released on our website by Dec 31st. Visit:

A new website is in the works for 2011, displaying the new face of John Hall Galleries. There is rumor that there will periodically be featured artists on the new site to promote the works of talented artists in the industry.
Following another record year of sales, we are closing out 2010 by stepping up our initiatives with our Kiva project at
John Hall and John Hall Galleries is committing to making 10 new loans by the end of the year. You are invited to join us in our efforts to end global poverty and help 3rd world businesses through the tremendous power of micro-lending. 

Stop in and visit our homepage before the new page is done. We are really working hard to sell off all 2010 inventory so that we can start the new site fresh for 2011. If you have any holiday shopping left, stop in and see if there is something you like. We have never failed to close a deal on a legitimate offer. In other words, if you see something that you REALLY want, you probably will be the owner of the piece. Contact us with any questions or feedback, bookmark our homepage, and check in often between now and the end of January.

John Hall and John Hall Galleries


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