Wednesday, December 1, 2010

There are no mistakes, only lessons...

So you've realized you're not perfect...Now what? Well, the same thing that happened to me probably has happened or will happen to you. You're going to make a few (probably many) mistakes that will teach you tremendous things about your life and the world we live in. And let me tell you, when it is happening, it usually doesn't feel really good and it sure isn't a whole lot of fun.
Thomas Watson, founder of IBM, was asked to reveal the formula to success and his reply was to "Double your rate of failure." This is precisely true, but is contrary to what we hear every day growing up. We hear: "You better not fail your math test!," and "You don't want to end up being a failure!" I'm sure you have heard something like that before. We are conditioned from a young age that failure is wrong and that it is bad, however it is the way that we learned most everything in life from the beginning. You learned to walk, by falling. You learned how to get your mom to buy you that candy bar when you were a small child by trying what worked and what didn't work.You we told no a million times when you wanted to hear a "yes."
I have learned to recondition my mind and discipline my disappointment by changing my relationship to the word failure and also my understanding of the word and its great power in my life. Failure is inevitable, but failure is not final. In failing, I know I am that much closer to succeeding. I no longer mind making mistakes because I have learned that there are no mistakes...only lessons. Here is an acronym I learned from John C.Maxwell that reminds me how to keep "mistakes" in perspective.

Messages that give us feedback about life.
Interruptions that should cause us to reflect and think.
Signposts that direct us to the right path.
Tests that push us toward greater maturity.
Awakenings that keep us in the game mentally.
Keys that we can use to unlock the next door of opportunity.
Explorations that let us journey where we've never been before.
Statements about our development and progress.

Write this down or print this out so that you can refer to it later. When you are ready, commit it to memory. This is something I have done; I promise that it will make a phenomenal impact in your life.

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