Friday, November 19, 2010

Amazon Kindle App - Amazon Banner Ad

I found a cool banner that I posted on my page featuring the new Kindle Apps for iPhone, iPad, Droid, etc. This is absolutely huge! I have the Nook (Barnes and Noble), and the Kindle (Amazon) app installed on my Droid and I use them to read books. I am excited because my book will be available on both so all you need to do is download the free app and on the day of release, you can be one of the first to own the book in electronic format. Of course, I am doing a paperback version which I believe will be (6"x9"), but I am super excited about the apps. I am all about saving the environment and saving money, but that's a whole other story. I want you to be informed that the release of this book is going to be fun, and exciting, and I am going to use all the technology available to the fullest potential to make it a unique experience for all of us. Thank you for stopping in. More to come...

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