Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello everyone. I want to thank you all for continuing to visit my site since my last post. I have been working on many projects (What can I say, I'm a Gemini) and most of them have had to do with writing and web development. Making websites is really fun for me and something I enjoy doing just as much as my art and writing. I have been working on building my new social networking company over the past couple months and we are open for business and finally off the ground. I am extremely excited about that and have been working on that project for over a year. You might be asking, how does all of this tie into the new book that I am writing? All of these things are part of my story and my story will help you define and tell your story. That is what I am most interested in. Helping you find that one thing that you have never done that you know you will never truly be happy if you don't just do it. Recently, a friend of mine did something and I questioned his motives. After I asked him why he made that decision he told me: "You're the one that told me, 'never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about.' " And then it hit me. We were right!

The new book is coming along; I envision it being completely finished by the summer.  Recently my house flooded and it has been a disaster. I have all my paintings stored in my garage and I have not been doing any new work for the past couple weeks. I just got my new carpet installed today and everything will be back to normal very soon. Aside from that, I have a couple exciting announcements.

My wonderful girlfriend and the art director for John Hall Galleries has started her own website:

Her site reads like a blog and is filled with a new daily topic, rotating on a weekly schedule. It has been killing my blog in regards to traffic and she is just getting started. I suggest you take a look and you will see why she is my partner in all things.  =)

April 2nd I will be doing live painting in Bloomington, IL at Metatronic 5. We will be auctioning off the painting during the event and I am thankful to have been asked to be the featured artist among a plethora of musicians. I will post any cool pictures that I get from this weekend so you want to stay tuned.

I know I should be more regular with my blog. I have no excuse. I will admit that I am writing several blogs now (this was my first) and I am coaching others on how to start their own blog and how to get traffic. Here is a new link to one of my business blogs: It has been a lot of fun, and has been rewarding. I will make at least one post a week here, if not, just to update you on my progress with my new book. be excited! It will really be a treat.

Thanks for visiting,
John Hall

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