Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I want to thank you for visiting and I want to welcome you to my new blog. This is going to be a good way to share my thoughts, ideas, updates. I want to really connect with you. Facebook is just getting too scary and Twitter, love it, but the whole 140 characters is just not enough. This blog titled: "What's your story?" is named after the new book I am writing. The book is an, inspiring, motivational autobiography detailing stories of the successful and unexpected start of my career as an independent artist, encouraging others to follow their dreams along whatever life path they desire. In the past year and a half, tremendous things have happened for me that I would have never dreamed or imagined. The journey has been humbling in so many ways and I look for as many ways to give back as I can. Going through the process, I discovered that the only true way that I can be successful, no matter what I do, is to add value to the lives of others and to live a life of service. This book truly is for everybody because it shares a clear message about how to get more out of your life, regardless of where you are starting from, and provides immediate action steps to make your goals and your vision attainable. This book will help you identify the dream that you have that is waiting to be born, bringing you closer to the realization of that dream each day. I want you to really focus on the message of the book so that you will be able to embrace and love your reply, the next time you get the common, every day, question asked to you: "So...what's your story."

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